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Kate Mills
Folk Rock
Former Social Worker/Big Dreamer/Aspiring Mermaid
With a laid back, vintage Laurel Canyon musical vibe and disarmingly honest lyrics, singer/songwriter Kate Mills is putting her real life story to song. “I used to be afraid to say that music was what I was meant to do. It seemed too lofty a hope” she confesses.  

As a performing artist, Kate has performed around the country at venerated venues, house concerts, colleges, and festivals. Select highlights include Hotel Cafe in LA, Cutting Room in NYC, and Montauk Music Festival.

Her storytelling lyrics and emotional perspective are uniquely informed by her time in the social work field. “Many of the things I loved about social work are also why I love music,” she says. “In both, it’s about creating a space where it's okay to feel whatever we're feeling; a space for us to acknowledge and embrace our whole selves, even the parts that are challenging. Both create connection. With music, I feel like I can contribute more genuinely to that conversation.”  
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